The Impact and Hope Brought To Us by Recently Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney-Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett Nominated by Trump to Replace Ruth Bader-Ginsburg

You might be wondering why there has been so much media coverage over the recent confirmation of Justice Amy-Coney-Barrett, the replacement for late Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Justice Amy Coney-Barrett has a powerful history in law as she has held the title of a lawyer, jurist, and academic over the course of her career. When Justice RBG passed and the possibility of replacing her sooner rather than later came around, Amy Coney-Barrett was a name thrown out for many reasons. The biggest reason, however, being her strong faith and dedication to uphold the constitution, her integrity, as well as her Pro-Life views. President Trump nominated Amy Coney-Barrett because of her values and dedication to the country and my, how elated we are to find how much she believes in fighting for the
rights of the unborn. Trump spoke highly of her, calling her a “woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution.”

Amy Coney Barret’s Pro-Life Values

Justice ACB has not worked on abortion related cases much during her career, but it is no secret that she values life from the very beginning. In a couple related cases where a lower court ruled to block Indiana laws imposing limits on abortion, Barret t voted to hear arguments that could have potentially overruled the lower court.

Beyond her career, her personal life reflects her values as well. Justice ACB and her husband have a total of seven children together. Five of them are biological, while two of them were adopted from Haiti. She is a devoted catholic and has signed multiple advertisements around Notre Dame’s campus rejecting Roe v. Wade. In 2013, she spoke at multiple anti-abortion events at the university where she taught in the law program.

ACB Confirmed

Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Brings Hope to the Pro-Life Community

On October 22, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to advance Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and on October 26, she was confirmed to the Supreme Court in a 52-48 vote. Now that Justice ACB has been confirmed, there is no doubt she will have a hand in the legal
process pertaining to legal protections surrounding abortion services in our country. There are over 15 cases relating to abortion that are only one step away from making it to the Supreme Court. Many relate to the 6 week abortion bans, from last year, in many states. Abortion has always been a heavy topic in our nation with a country founded on the basis of religious freedom and it seems to be taking a front row seat lately. For example, before her confirmation, the Supreme Court issued an opinion against birth control access, ruling that the Trump administration has the right to allow employers to deny contraceptive coverage for religious reasons or a “sincerely held moral” conviction. We are hoping to see a lot more
Pro-Life decisions come from the Supreme Court in the following years. With a strong and dedicated Pro-Life Justice on the Supreme Court, those that value life from the very beginning of conception are holding onto hope that we will see more Pro-Life bills get passed through and beyond the laws of this land, that a “culture of life” can begin to grow.

Why Anchor Point is excited for this change?

Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is so important to Anchor Point and our staff as we work to fight towards building a culture of life every single day.. By providing pregnancy services through our Hope Family Center, we meet with girls, young women, and young men every day to help them process an often scary situation in order for them to make a decision. We strive to help them see their value and know that they are capable of choosing life while providing them the educational and material assistance they’ll need. Our work and the work of pregnancy centers around the country are imperative to create a culture of life, but leaders like Amy Coney Barrett are just as important in bringing long term change to our country.

Written by Marisa Gissler

Justice Amy Coney Barrett