Anchor Point is hosting a daily prayer group for our beloved country, the Kingdom work that God has before us and the historic decision of Roe vs. Wade that hangs in the balance.   

God calls us to be people of prayer.  He hears the prayers of His People.  Our prayers will focus on the heartache of our country that has lost millions of little ones to abortion, the men and women who bear the scars of that choice,  our leaders who hold this historic decision in their hands, and the on-going and future work that is still to be done to stand in the gap for these women and children. 

As we “Unite for Life”, together we have an opportunity to publicly stand for the things of God and the mighty Kingdom work He is doing every day in and through Anchor Point. 

We encourage you to involve your families and lead them in a legacy of praying and standing for life. 

Engage in DAILY PRAYER every morning for our beloved country till a decision has been made pertaining to Roe vs. Wade.   

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Prayer Schedule and Daily Prayer Points

5/19 – Raise your child in the ways of the Lord. (Amy McConkey -Obria Clinic Nurse Practitioner)

5/20 – Value of Life (Debbie Sonnier -Hope House Director)

05/23 – Abundance of Volunteers (Cody Pancamo)
Hebrews 13:16, Proverbs 3:27

05/24 – Pregnant Women (Debbie Simmons-Founder and CEO)
1 Peter 5:7, Joshua 1:9 

05/25 – The Conscience of our Nation (Judy Guidry-Chaplan)

05/26 – Praying that local churches, our community leaders and people will rally behind Anchor Point with supplies, prayer, and support. (Tracy Stanisich – Executive Director HFC) Proverbs 11.25, Philippians 2:4, John 15:12

05/27 – Praying children at all stages of life will be viewed as a blessing, a precious gift from God. (Board Member) Psalm 127:3, Matthew 19:14

05/30 – Compassion and support to those that would choose life and receive the support they need. (Jenny Erwin-Chief Program Officer) Romans 15:5, Thessalonians 5:11

05/31 –Thanking God for the gift of life. (Stephanie Clawson – Chief Development Officer) 1 Cor 6:19-20, James 2:10, Acts 3:19

06/01 – Interceding for medical staff to retain their right to refuse and to participate in abortions nationally. (Amy McConkey-Obria Clinic Nurse Practioner) Acts 24:16

06/02 – Praying for all men to take responsibility. (Jeff McWilliams-COO) Malachi 4:6

06/03 – Praying for the mothers who have chosen life. Asking that God would provide for them and their children. (Kathy Krages-Spiritual Advocate)  Hebrews 13:5, Genesis 9:3, Matthew 11:28

06/06 – Praying that Christians will unite and speak up for the “least of these”, those who have no voice. And that all the dialogue and actions to defend the unborn will be done in love. (Debbie Sonnier-Executive Director Hope House)
1 John 4:19 (love), 1 Peter 4:8 (love), Amos 5:24 (justice), Proverbs 31:8-9 (standing up)

06/07 – Giving thanks for every baby who was rescued from being aborted. (Board Member) Psalm 139:16

06/08 – Praying that adoption will gain greater attention so that those considering abortion can see that there are other options to saving the lives of the unborn. (Debbie Simmons-Founder and CEO) John 3:16 (Jesus adopted by Joseph), 1 Cor 10:24, 1 Thessalonians 2:4, Matthew 25:40

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When you sign up to become a part of our 911 Prayer Team. you will get 911 prayer requests to join many across our nation in asking God to intervene in the lives of our clients and their children as they face tough decisions and challenges. 

You will be a life-on-life difference maker for eternity by devoting your prayer time to our 911 prayer requests.  James 5 says “the prayer of faith will save.” You are needed today and everyday! 

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