Where can we go to develop my understanding and skills to help my children and my family?

Pathway to Hope Camp is designed to create connection before correction, helping children and their families thrive.

The approach is built off of the great work of Dr. Karyn Purvis and the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University and their Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model. We have been extremely blessed to be trained under this great group of people to offer this wonderful camp through Anchor Point.

This model is an emerging intervention for a wide range of childhood behavioral problems. Trust Based Relational Intervention has been applied successfully in a variety of contexts and with many children for whom other interventions have failed (e.g medications, cognitive-behavioral therapies).

The TBRI model emphasizes the integration of the following intervention principles:

  • Empowering Principles (felt safety, safe touch, nutrition, hydration, sensory processing and self-regulation)
  • Connecting Principles (attachment, engagement strategies and playful interaction)
  • Correcting Principles (life value terms and IDEAL response)

The ultimate goal of our camp is to help families and children construct meaningful connections and deeper relationships. It will allow the children to not only survive but ultimately thrive in life. Take advantage of this week to connect and have some fun along the way! 

2023 Camp is Near!

Summer Camp
July 24th – July 28th | 8:30am to 4pm

Pre-Camp 1
July 16 – 1-5 PM, Location TBD

Pre-Camp 2
July 23 – 4-6 PM, Location TBD

Post Camp
August 6 – 2-5 PM, Location TBD

Contact Amanda Ring at [email protected] for more info or call us at 832-632-1221.