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Preparing for Fatherhood; All Star Dad’s

Preparing the next generation of fathers through a Fatherhood initiative: All Star Dad’s Preparing for Fatherhood with the All-Star-Dads program, gives dads the freedom to be authentic and ask hard questions. Our dads have the freedom to open up to each other as peers and listen to each other’s struggles and perspective on fatherhood. Another […]

Limit Them- Boundaries and Routines

Boundaries for Babies? Yes! Babies like a predictable world and for a good reason. Every day is packed with learning and excitement and routines provide relief from the chaos. If you spend your entire work day mastering a new task, you appreciate your regular coffee break. Sticking to a familiar pattern soothes babies and children […]

The Impact and Hope Brought To Us by Recently Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney-Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett Nominated by Trump to Replace Ruth Bader-Ginsburg You might be wondering why there has been so much media coverage over the recent confirmation of Justice Amy-Coney-Barrett, the replacement for late Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Justice Amy Coney-Barrett has a powerful history in law as she has held the title of a lawyer, jurist, […]