Fresh Eyes

Sometimes we Christians grow complacent in knowing that God is good. One of the benefits of working with our clients here at Anchor Point is seeing God through their eyes. Being around someone who is new in the faith and excited about every good thing God is doing for them is so refreshing.

Such was the case with Kara (name changed). She had been living on the streets for some months. She is now living in a shelter and is so grateful just to be able to sleep in a bed. When I showed her our baby boutique and all the things that Anchor Point could provide for her and her baby, she broke down in tears of gratitude, thanking God for His goodness. She now has hope to provide for her baby.

We are so grateful to each of our donors. It may be a donations of money, a bag of baby or maternity clothing, or a package of diapers. Thank you for being an instrument of God’s goodness to those who find themselves without hope.

If you need your perspective of God’s goodness refreshed, come and join us. There is nothing like being an instrument of hope in the hand of our loving Father. –Cindy Voss, Spiritual Director