Obria Medical Clinic

At Obria Medical Clinics, we see women and men in many different seasons of life. Many times, our clients are in a crisis situation in which they never expected to be in. They are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or a newly discovered sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes they feel fear, horror, and hopelessness. They are unable to cope with their situation. We are here to support, equip, and walk alongside our clients through this difficult time in their life. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we would be honored to meet with you.

Below is a list of some simple things to do to care for yourself when going through a crisis or unplanned circumstance:
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1. Make an appointment with a medical provider to check your health
2. Take your time to process what is going on and hold off making any major decisions
3. Take care of yourself by eating healthy food, drinking enough water, and sleeping
4. Find emotional support by talking with a person that you trust
5. Keep up social connections with safe people in your life
6. Journal your thoughts
7. Make an appointment for counseling to help process what you are going through