Changes Can Bring Options

When thinking about volunteering…I began to think about all of this change around us and the options we all have.

It’s that time again, when we set our clocks back one hour, and get one more hour of sleep for that one night in the process.  As a result, we also lose an hour of daylight in the evening but gain an extra hour of daylight in the morning.  I’m sure whoever came up with this “time change” thought it was a good option to benefit us all.  But for the rest of us, we don’t have an option—It is what it is!

At Anchor Point, we educate our clients on the options they have when they are making decisions about their pregnancy.  We want to make sure they are making the best-informed decision they can.  We use an educational booklet, titled “A Woman’s Right to Know” that is distributed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  It contains information about Fetal Development—from conception to 40 weeks gestation; Risks of Abortion; Abortion Procedures; After an Abortion; and Adoption.  Client Advocates are able to go through this information—the facts—with the client, so they will be informed and can make the best decision for their pregnancy. 

If a client chooses to carry their baby to term, Anchor Point is able to give them many options (resources) to help them throughout the pregnancy and until the child reaches the age of three years (36 months).  Anchor Point can help with material assistance, education classes, and offer the option of Spiritual support, as well. 

If the client chooses adoption as their parenting option, Anchor Point can provide referrals to Adoption Agencies who can guide and walk them through this process.  Anchor Point can even schedule an appointment with the Adoption Agency to meet with the client here at the center, to make this more convenient and helpful for the client.

If the client chooses to end the pregnancy through abortion, Anchor Point can provide the option of healing through our Post-Abortion Recovery Group.  Facilitators and other group members are there to offer support to one another, as they navigate through all the feelings and challenges that may accompany this decision. 

Anchor Point is here to share God’s love to the client, regardless of which option they choose for their pregnancy—to show God’s grace and love—the same way He extends it to us each day.