Mommy, Mommy, ‘I’m Bored.’

 Yes, of course, you are!

 If only I could have half of the energy that my kids have, I would be thrilled!

Boredom is one of the top things every child suffers from. 

As soon as they get a minute to breathe and think boom, they’re bored.

Especially when summer hits after they have been so entertained in school all year long, now it’s up to us to keep them entertained.

One thing I have learned from my experience is that a child is interested in something for about 15 minutes and then feels the need to do something else entertaining.

One thing God showed me in my times of calling out to Him in desperate need of guidance, is stations.

Such as an imagination station (GI Joe’s, Barbies, Legos, etc.), the coloring station, the book station, (even if they don’t want to read) then last but not least just being in their bedroom. 

Boredom is not always a bad thing, it can teach a child to self-entertain, which let’s face it, that means a break for us parents.

I USED TO feel so guilty about putting my kids in their room and telling them to entertain themselves.

I no longer feel guilty, I now know I am doing my kids a favor by allowing them to self-entertain.

I even do screen time whether it’s tv (love the smile channel or other God-based cartoons), tablets, or whatever electronic you have available. Time limits are your friend in this arena and will teach your child how to budget allotted time and respect boundaries.

Just a piece of advice, we must monitor what they see and play. It’s up to us parents to protect them from the not-so-good things that are in the world. Psalm 119:37

I choose to have my kids (even as young as 2 yrs old) earn their screen time.

Isaiah 54:13 

Pray to God about how you can teach your child to clean up after themselves.

Children thrive from having responsibilities. It gives them a sense of worth.

So with the stations, toys, and other things they play with, allow them to clean up after themselves.

Use phrases like;

“ok if you are done with crayons, let’s put them up before the next activity.” 

“Please clean up before you move on”

One key to helping with boredom is variety. Finding what each kid enjoys and having multiple choices to pick from.

You are a fabulous God-chosen parent. Don’t be discouraged, it’s never too late to add something new.