Rivers of living water……

Scripture says that when we believe in Jesus, out of our bellies will flow living waters (John 7:38).

Living waters are life giving. Living waters refresh us and sustain us.

There are not enough words to describe the joy of hearing about our clients and volunteers offering up this water to others. They do this through encouraging one another, being a listening ear, guiding one another and by being the hands and feet of Christ.

I watch this living water flow as the leaders of our recovery groups in Project HOPE (Healing Over Past Experiences), takes a woman’s hand that is hurting from a past abortion or sexual abuse, and leads her into a place of healing. She can do this because she herself has walked that painful journey.

I have watched several of the very clients that came to us in desperation, feeling all alone and hopeless, turn around and reach out to new clients, offering them encouragement and direction. Just recently I heard of our client, with 6 children, stop what she was doing to go to the home of another client and clean her house so that she could get some rest. I heard of another client, also with 6 children, spend the wee hours of the night, listening to another’s client’s heartbreak. I was sent a picture of flowers left at the front door as a gift of encouragement from one client to another.

And where did they get that living water…from a Man they met that knew all the things they had done….and loved and accepted them at the well. And out of gratitude, they in turn offered a drink to the next woman. (John 4:29)

Come, join us as we offer the Living Water that will forever satisfy the thirsty…..because no one is without hope.  

Cindy Voss, Spiritual Director