Pro Parenting Tips for Bath Time

• Make sure to bathe your baby in a warm room that is free of cool drafts.
• Gather all supplies needed for the bath, such as the bathtub, thermometer, towel, cup for rinsing, washcloth, toiletries, clean diaper and fresh change of clothes. Never step away from baby while bathing them.
• Put about 3 to 4 inches of water in tub and lower baby into bath. Remember to always support head and neck of a newborn.
• Protip: to keep baby warm during bath. Lay a baby towel over the baby’s body and just uncover the area you are washing. The warm wet towel will keep baby cozy and warm.
• Never leave baby unattended for even a few seconds.
• Have a dry towel handy to wrap her up immediately after baby’s bath
• Be sure to check behind ears, between fingers and toes, in the folds of the neck and thighs, for dirt and lint often collects there.
• Bath time can be a sweet bonding time for you and baby. Use it as a time to talk to, coo , or sing to baby.
• Bath time can also usher in nap or bedtime. Baby gets soothed from the warm water and it can make sleepy time easier.
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